10 questions you should never say on a first date



First dates can be nervous. You just don't know if the two of you can get along? So what if the conversation doesn't go smoothly? With that in mind, it's important to be prepared and know what questions or issues to avoid in the first place, such as politics, religion, and money.

1. 'Why did your last relationship ended?'
We don't encourage you to ask about your partner's past or past relationships on a first date. Remember that this is dating .. not an interrogation. And after that, your date may also expect you to share your past experiences. Really asking, would you like your first date to complain about your ex?

2. 'Why are you still single?'
This question may seem like nothing, but don't expect a positive answer even if you try to flatter the other person. (For example, how good are you, why isn't anyone?) Being single isn't unusual and isn't the goal of everyone's life. So just avoid it.

3. 'Where are you really from?'
This is a rather ambiguous question for people of color. It can't be wrong if you want to know the race of the other person. But using questions like this in the media implies that they are not Americans and are not suitable here, as if America is a country reserved only to white and English speakers.

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4. 'How many other people have you slept with?'
The number of sexual partners is not an important business of anyone, whether they have a lot, little or no This question can be very uncomfortable and may cause the other person to be wary throughout the date. And most importantly, this is not the best solution if your goal is a long-term relationship.

5. 'How much do you earn?'
Is it too intrusive to ask the other person to reveal his salary figure, especially on the first date? You can show an interest in their careers, but don't look at the sums. Otherwise, you will appear to be an opportunist and may make the other person doubt your intentions.

6. 'Where do you think this relationship will go?'
If the dating is smooth, the two of you may hope to continue dating. But asking about the future of your relationship at first date may be too early, since both of you rarely know each other and the other person may see you as impulsive.

7. 'What is your most embarrassing incident?'
When two people get along well, it may take the talking to the next level. But invading your personal matters too quickly can make your date feel awkward. Remember, no one wants to tell their most embarrassing story on the first date.

8. 'Do you want to have children?'
If having children is important to you You may need to find a partner with the same goal. You don't want to waste time with people who have different ideals in your life. But entering this question before the two of you got to know each other could very easily end things. But if your date is the one who raised this issue, then feel free to have a chat.

9. 'Do you like me?'
"Do you like me?" "Do you think I am beautiful / sexy / cute?" Of course, you hope the other person will like you. But asking such a blunt question can make the first date brackish. Also, do not ask anything about appearance such 'Do you think I look fat?' These questions might make the other person think you lack self-confidence.

10. 'Who is your most popular friend?'
Let's say you see someone who is really handsome and hottest on your date's Facebook page, would you dare to ask him about that guy or give him a compliment to him? You'd better pay attention to the cute person sitting opposite you. Don't let your date know that you're with him just because he wants to meet his friend. Or show interest in someone who looks better Honestly, you wouldn't like it if he did this to you, right?