5 cool makeup techniques Transform yourself into an instant beauty



Skin care to look perfect And can make up lasting, not peeling, floating, not staining, that is not difficult at all For beginners who do not know what to do to make your makeup look like a pro. Let's try to read this article first. You can assure you that the amateurs will become professionals immediately.

1. Choose the right skin care
Many people choose to use skincare as their first makeup application. Because if the skin care is not good and the skin still has a problem, I can assure you that no matter what you wear, it will definitely not be able to make it last. Which choosing a good skincare should look to suit your skin as well. Because if you are an oily face and also use the skin care of dry skin girls I assure you that all day, you will be teased that your face will be able to fry an egg.

2. Under the eyes is a panda? Don't be afraid.
If you are someone who has darker under eyes than normal people You should choose to use a concealer as a cover, it can be used as a dip tip. It is more suitable for beginners than creams or sticks that need to be warmed up properly. For better sticking of the collector

3. Eyeliners are not a problem. Try using a tape.
For the beginner who wants to draw a beautiful eyeliner, but it is messy. Try using a tape from the corner of the eye upward and another to the desired shape. This time, you can start smearing.

4. How to apply mascara to avoid mess
Newbies who are new to using mascara may be having trouble using it. Because no matter how careful you brush it, it still messes up This problem will be gone. Just walk into the kitchen and pick up a spoon and place it on your eyelids and manage to brush, brush, brush, mascara to be satisfied I can assure you that there will be no mess for you to sit and fix for sure.

5. Rough lips can be corrected with a toothbrush.
Many people have problems with the lips that are rough, not soft, beautiful, flaky. You can eliminate these problems while you brush your teeth. By using a brush to gently scrub the lips just like this, you will get beautiful lips in the morning.

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