5 essential nutrients for working people



Stay stressed for the brain with 5 essential nutrients for working-age people.
A lot of work. Think a lot. # This era has a lot to think about.

For people working like us The worrying thing is in the hustle and bustle of life, the competition of challenging work. Problems and obstacles that need to be resolved in one day Including the pressures that are faced in the working society In order to achieve the achievement of the goals that we have set Until sometimes the body and brain work hard Until the accumulated stress occurs without realizing it. What to know is that when stress occurs Our body is unable to remove homocysteine. This causes the body to have high homocysteine levels that are at risk of damaging blood vessels. Especially small blood vessels such as coronary arteries And blood vessels in the brain Causing various diseases Related to the brain The cardiovascular system.

Also worrisome is when our brain is overly exhausted due to stress. It can be a cause of fatigue. Tired of both the body and the brain Insomnia because of overthinking or nervousness Until he felt that he had not been full of sleep These symptoms result in inefficiency of our work, work-life balance, unbalance, and happiness, which can affect our mental health.

If we want to have a better quality of life Can work at full capacity To advance towards the achievement of the goals that we have intended Change yourself to be a new and better person every day, so we should take care of ourselves more. With the release of stress Get enough rest, exercise, hobby for relaxation. Including good food choices Useful and important to fill the lack of nutrients Power up to stay stressed To keep the brain ready to work or face problems more efficiently every day.

To reduce symptoms caused by stress We should supplement with 5 essential nutrients that help meet the needs of working-age people like our generation:

Vitamin B12 is indispensable as it helps the nervous system and brain.
Vitamin C, magnesium, and minerals like zinc Which are necessary for the production of hormones from the adrenal glands So that the body is ready for stress as well.
Potassium, which when the body is under stress, the potassium levels in the body are reduced resulting in fatigue and fatigue.
Because sometimes when stress occurs Therefore, eating foods such as vitamin B12, vitamin C, magnesium, and zinc are important to help support the body and brain. Give us a break from stress And prepare your brain for a bright new morning Be ready to handle all situations professionally And move towards the goal happily

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