5 reasons you might not be as happy as you think!



Believe that many couples would dream of The sweetest first year after marriage! In the first 4-5 months, I still smile. But there are a lot of couples who, after half a year, have started to drowsy and have a problem Let me remind you that Not any one fault But it may be because of these 5 points that we are still unable to adapt

5 main things that make life after the first year of marriage Of the new lover is not smooth

1. Decrease in sweetness and excitement

When the status changes Change In the past, when I was a boyfriend, I would like to invite each other out, go out, eat, watch movies, listen to music, but after getting married for a while, where did all these activities go? Many couples think that moving to the same house, meeting each other every day, why go out! Whoever thinks like this, if you don't hurry to adjust your attitude, love will become dull and become estranged. It is best to have time to go out and do sweet things like you did when you were a girlfriend. The recommended idea is Invite each other to the place where you met for the first time. Remember, a bit of a flashback isn't bad.

2. Expectation of the lover too much.

This problem is met almost every pair. Especially some men who expect After the wedding, a woman has to keep her house clean, do laundry, ironing, etc., but forget that she has a career to do as well. On the other hand, women are not inferior. Your husband has to go home on time. Call to answer Line to read The salary has to be collected by his wife. This one too! If anyone feels that a small family We are starting to become like this, we must sit and talk to each other. How to find a solution Should I share the duties of household chores? Or who is responsible for what expenses in the house Let's try to agree to understand. Then life will return to be bright as in the beginning of love.

3. Forgetting to take care of yourself

Many people tend to think that When we are married, we have one more life to look after. Obsess over the well-being of your lover By forgetting to pay attention to his own life Forget taking care of your health Do not exercise Not going out with friends Without makeup Let yourself start to belly out You can't like this! Even if you have to take care of your lover, you must also pay attention to your body and mind. You don't have to act as a housekeeper all the time. Just do anything that used to feel good and fun to do, otherwise marriage is like a cage.

4. There is no need to fight.

Many people say this is the hardest! When he was still a girlfriend, if there was a feud until a fight Different people separate Don't want to talk, hang up the phone But when you get together you can't do that. There is a problem, each and every time and where to escape This house has many rooms, may be enough to escape to sit calmly. But in a small house or condo that doesn't have a lot of space, you have to manage your emotions and feelings well. Talk with kindness and understanding. Find a solution and make an agreement (Without having to hit each other!)

5. I don't make time to go to my family.

In fact, marriage is not just about two people. But there is also a family involved Many couples have difficulty setting aside time to visit each other's family. This festival must go to my house Long pause, next time I have to go to my house again. Like this, the other family might have questions Why didn't you come see each other? Phan made a lot of regret. This would have to sit and allocate the same time for both families.

It was believed that the love of two people was already so strong that joker gaming they decided to get married. But sometimes moving together requires more adjustment and understanding than when you were a girlfriend. If you do your first year well, the next year will definitely be more happy.