9 amazing properties from dates


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When it comes to the Middle Eastern fruit that we are familiar with, the date palm is one of the most talked about fruit among pregnant mothers. Due to the properties of the palm, it is a miracle for the mother and the fetus. For anyone who did not know what properties this fruit gave pregnant mothers and babies. Recommend to follow along and read at the same time.

1. Cervix is well dilated.

Eating dates often During pregnancy It can reduce postpartum hemorrhage as well. Also helps the cervix to expand well in case of natural birth Thus making it easy to give birth

2. Strengthen the different parts of the baby.

Protein rich in dates contributes to fetal growth. And also helps the development of muscles, bones and other organs In the baby's body as well

3. Helps to divide the baby's cells

Folates rich in dates are essential nutrients for the production of
joker genetic material. Helps fetal cell division And also contributes to the creation of red blood cells Including the growth of various tissues Which, if the baby is malnourished, there is a chance of disability

4. Bring oxygen from mother to fetus.

The iron in dates is an essential component of hemoglobin. Which acts as a carrier of oxygen from mother to baby in the womb

5. Reduce the blood sugar level of pregnant mothers.

The magnesium in the palm is a carrier of calcium and potassium ions that promote muscle contraction. And also helps the heart beat normally Strengthens the bone and teeth growth in babies. And also help lower blood sugar levels As well as reducing high blood pressure for pregnant mothers as well

6. Helps the heart work efficiently.

There are also potassium in the palm that helps the heart work more efficiently. And also promotes the circulatory system of pregnant mothers even better That is another reason why eating dates can help mothers relax.

7. Make blood clot faster.

Vitamin K in dates contributes to faster blood clotting. Especially during the umbilical cord cutting Which if the baby is deficient in this type of vitamin May bleed easily

8. Nourish the liver and cure dizziness.

There are good sugars in dates. Which is sugar that the body absorbs quickly, does not cause obesity and does not increase blood sugar levels as well More importantly, it also helps nourish the liver. Therefore does not cause pregnant mothers to have gestational diabetes

9. Reduce constipation in pregnant mothers.

The fiber in the palm helps the body feel full for a long time. And it also helps to balance the bacteria in the gut. Therefore, it can help reduce constipation in pregnant mothers as well.

It can be seen that many of the benefits obtained from eating dates are very suitable for pregnant mothers. Because of the many nutrients that are rich in the palm All are good for the health of the mother. Including the baby in the womb as well For those who are not pregnant But want to try eating this kind of fruit Let me tell you, don't miss it. Because it is a fruit that is incredibly good for the body ever.