Anxious People Are Better Coworkers – Here’s Why



Anxiety disorder is often common. In fact, more than 40 million Americans (or 18.1 percent of the total population) have some form of anxiety disorder, and this is likely to be growing. But can these symptoms of anxiety be a plus? It turns out that anxious people have qualities that allow them to push their limits at work. If you suffer from severe anxiety, I won't say that. “Learn to be optimistic.” But believe it or not, your anxiety is a tremendous force you never knew existed.

The more I worry, the more work hard.
One study found that people with high anxiety levels were more active than those with less anxiety symptoms because you don't want to disappoint your coworkers and want others to think you are capable.

Be careful
Anxiety is common and we are aware of all the dangers we face in our lives to protect ourselves. At the same time, people with anxiety are sometimes overreacting to “dangerous” responses. For example, when a coworker greets another friend: "Hi, how are you?" But instead greets you just "hey" and for the rest of the day you keep wondering why that co-worker hates you. When you're nervous at work, take a moment to think. "Is it worth it to lose this mental energy?" Listen to your hunch and escape from danger.

Long live anxiety
When you're a nervous person, is there one thing that you're good at? It's anxiety! Am I driving too fast? Am I going to die in this traffic? How will my life end like today? But worrying about your own safety with others is a plus and can also help extend your life. People with anxiety are less likely to find themselves in dangerous areas.

Turn anxiety into power
While anxiety is a plus at work, it doesn't mean you have to let your thoughts get out of your control. Since anxious people are prone to high stress .. this is not surprising. Chronic stress is a common cause of cardiovascular disease, depression, and can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. It also affects pain and immune system. However, you can turn anxiety into tremendous power, there is one easy way. That is, be excited! One 2013 study pointed out that “the assessment of consciousness is a powerful tool to help transform negative stress states into positives.” When you feel anxious you are more likely to think about negative results. But when you're excited, you tend to think of the good stuff. Telling yourself that the work at hand is exciting can quickly change your perspective. You may not only be thinking about the good results, but at least you are not interested in the negative results. So when your anxiety starts to get out of control, you should briefly tell yourself "Be excited." While it may sound weird, it can change your attitude. Anxiety affects almost all of us. Therefore, you should not think that you are a bad employee. When did you learn to make good use of your anxiety? Then you will become the best person at work .. every time too.

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