Best Romantic Love Poetry In Urdu 2021


As you know that love poetry in Urdu is very famous in Pakistan & India. The land of Pakistan and has produced very good urdu poet.And by the way, this world remains on love If there was no love in this world, the world might not have existed today.Love Poetry are the best source to express our feelings of love in words to someone. Urdu Poetry Is Very Great For Us To Share Your Emotions With People

With love poetry, we make our lover feel our love.Love Poetry in Urdu is very popular in Pakistan & India.Ahmad Faraz, Wasi Shah & Juan Elia love poetry in Pakistan is very famous. So in today's post we have also post these poet Love poetry in urdu .

Hosan He Lay Duba Tha Fakt Yosaf (A) Ko
Bhala Pagambar B Bazaron Ma Bika Krty Han

Teri Chat Ka Atna Sa Hisa Ha Mery Wajood Ma
Tujy Khud Sy Nakalo Tu Baki Koch Nahi Bachta