best router for fibre?


Make no mistake: you're going to need the best gaming router if you're a serious gamer. What use is having the most powerful components and the greatest best PC games, after all, if your WiFi connection is not up to par.

By having one of the best gaming routers on the market, you're ensuring a super reliable connection and uninterrupted online gaming. Gone are the days of sudden lag spike during the most crucial moments, as these routers will help avoid those spikes.

In fact, the best gaming routers will prioritize network traffic for your games, thanks to a nifty little feature called Quality of Service (or QoS). This feature helps ensure uninterrupted gaming sessions, despite other users in your network trying to use a chunk of that bandwidth by downloading their own games or streaming videos. Many of these gaming routers also offer MU-MIMO technology as well, which allows multiple Wi-Fi devices to simultaneously receive multiple data streams and increase the network's throughput.

So, even though wired connections are best for online games, if you want to go wireless, you will be pleased to know that the best wireless routers will deliver impeccable connection for online gaming. They will also come equipped with features like Gigabit Ethernet ports, multiple antennae, and the reigning WiFi standards - currently, it's still WiFi 5, though WiFi 6 is certainly well on its way.
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