Broken heart is not the last thing in life.



Many people are afraid to start a relationship. The main cause is fear. Some fear of heartbreak I'm afraid he doesn't love some. I'm afraid of love. Actually, heartbroken is not always a bad thing. Because love cannot teach each other You have to learn by yourself from experience. How many times do you have to have good love? There are very few people who are lucky. Meet the first and last love of your life at the same time. Open your heart and you will understand love. Better understand the world

Broken heart is not the last thing in life. Think in a positive light, not always bad.

Understand the world
Many people who have broken hearts Times will begin to have a realistic view of love. I don't expect my girlfriend to be like a hero. Or a heroine in fiction Or in a fantasy drama Because no one is perfect, everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. With lots of love in love, you start to look for someone to fit you. Already comfortable More than just appearance and appearance, but that doesn't mean that people are rich. Or good looking people I'm a bad person All human beings are good and bad. Find someone who fits your heart well.

Experience will teach you.
Have you ever been broken up when you were a child when you were first love? Have you ever wondered why you act like that? Because you are also young And never been in love before Have very little experience of love Don't know how to care And how to keep the people you love in life Therefore, these symptoms are very common. When you grow up Have more experiences in love You will know how to keep your loved ones in life. Not doing bad things That you've done that made you feel bad I feel guilty to this day again.

Know the disadvantages and improve yourself.
Many of them are good friends, brothers and sisters. But not a good lover Maybe if you're never heartbroken Never been in love before You never know if you are a good lover or not. Try to listen to the reasons your ex broke up with you. And analyze whether you really are that kind of person or not That makes your ex can not stand. If so, this is your chance to improve before you break your new love again. If you can be a good lover Maybe next time love could be your last love, who knows, but if you're not wrong, just move on. Keep disappointments as an experience to teach yourself.

Have more immunity
Heartbroken because of bad people It's not always a bad thing. Hurts, but next time you'll be immune. Never get lost with people like this again You will begin to recognize what kind of people are honest. And if your new love is as bad as before You will know when you just can't stand it. And you will walk out more easily. Plus, you know how to better deal with your emotions when heartbroken. But nobody wants to be heartbroken often because I wish everyone will have a good love.

Have the opportunity to meet people who are fit and good enough.
Of course, there is no one who will be heartbroken and immersed in sorrow, sorrow and guilt for the rest of their lives. Over time One day you might come back and think It's good to break up. Because today you have met the right person And good enough for you

Be free
But if you've just broken heart And still not ready to have someone really new. This is a great opportunity for you to be free. If you want to go anywhere you want to go to sleep without having to report This way is comfortable again. But don't bring anyone into your life because of loneliness. Recommend when you are ready to love And take care of someone first