Face mask technique Along with introducing popular vegetable masks



A face mask is a beauty innovation that is super convenient and easy - just put it on your face. After leaving it for a while, it will help nourish the skin immediately But with the ease Causing many people to misuse masks With being used to Until making the face mask go to no avail! If you don't want to get used to the wrong face mask, take a look at some effective face masking techniques that will save your friends' pockets. Get together better

The process of making the most of face masks

Before using masks, it's important to make sure your face is really clean. Wipe off all makeup and wash your face thoroughly to remove dirt and sebum on the skin.

2. Toner
When you wash your face clean. Therefore use toner to nourish the skin

3. Face masks
Face mask after toner By using it instead of the essence or serum that we use on a regular basis However, you should read the details of the mask. This is because some masks are even better if used after applying essence or serums.

4. Nourishing cream
Use a top-end moisturizer to lock in the moisture of your skin. Especially people with dry skin must be careful not to forget this step.
Answer popular questions about face masking.

Q: How often should I mask my face?

A: How often do you usually mask each other's face? Once a week, two to three times a week or every day? Actually, the optimal frequency for masking the face depends on the type of mask we use. This is usually indicated on the package. Certain masks, such as those with anti-wrinkle or lightening properties, tend to be high in active ingredients. Use about once a week is enough. Because if used frequently May cause the surface to get too much of these substances. And can result in worsening of the overall skin condition Masks with hydrating properties tend to contain less of the active ingredient. Making it available more often than that

Q: How long does the mask leave?
A: Some people may like to leave the mask on for a long time. Sometimes longer than what is stated on the package In order to increase the efficiency of masks But to do this, there are precautions. If left too long until the mask is dry Instead of moisture Your face may be drier because the mask will draw back the water from your face. Each mask type and brand has a different time of use. For some, it may be left for 15-20 minutes, but for others, just 5 minutes is enough. Therefore, we should read how to use the mask as stated in the package it is best.

Accidentally doing it or not? Precautions for using face masks

Collect masks by placing them vertically.
For someone who masks regularly, there will likely be a cupboard or corner to keep the masks tidy and stacked. Together vertically like in a store But keeping a mask like this will give you various nutrients In the mask all the way down When removed and used, the skin will not be thoroughly nourished. It turned out that the mask was lost. Unfortunately Instead of picking up a pretty mask like in a shop, it's better to put the mask horizontally on the floor.

Keep the masks in the refrigerator.
Hot weather can cause many People want cool face masks For refreshing But keeping the masks in the refrigerator has some disadvantages. Applying an extremely cold mask to your face will shrink your pores. Resulting in various nutrients In the mask, it does not absorb well into the skin. It turns out to reduce the effectiveness of the masks unfortunately.

I didn't read how to use it because I thought that any mask. Use the same
This is a very serious mistake. Because each type of mask has a specific method of use. Some types may be used after washing your face. But for some types, use after toner And there are masks with specific instructions for optimal performance. Including the time to use different masks as well Although it may seem like a small matter But using the mask correctly can help you achieve incredible results.

Use masks that do not match your skin type.
May not be as serious as other precautions But using masks that are not suitable for our skin type may not get the best results. It will also result in a wasted waste of money. So before buying masks next time Let's check which type of mask is the best for your skin type or for your needs.

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