Fashion trend groom suit for the new generation 2020



Must be allowed to be handsome and sharp in the traditional Thai style of this man's real Toomam-Yuttana Pungklang, or as we know as Toomam The Star, where we can see his multi-faceted talents including singing. And the latest with a Thai dress photo shoot. That makes fans like it as well, because they can shake off the old look that is the style of the modern young man. And this Thai collection It is the work of the design of Groom Warich Suit room as usual

But for this work to come out, it will take some time. Of course, Thai costumes for men today are quite limited in design. But the clothing room is trying to create a variety of works that are more diverse than in the past, including colors and patterns that fit the figure of Thai men. To add more elegance to the groom And the selection of high-priced fine silk fabrics to tailor the Thai dress It's a designer idea who wants the outfit to look the best. There is a simple but elegant style, typical of the dress room, especially that.

Which this time has presented works through Pak Thongchai silk And plexiglass silk By creating the form of Thai dress to look more modern But still retains its unique identity, which is difficult for anyone to imitate And in this collection, the young boom makes the groom's suit even more talked about than ever before With a sharp look that has a very tall Thai man plus a good looking figure The more you wear Thai clothes, the more elegant and charming. Because able to bring out the uniqueness of Thailand Regardless of what kind of Thai dress it is Young Boom

This is another collection that is very much appreciated by both the groom and the bride, for the young groom looking for a Thai dress that looks good and stylish like this.

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