France can't go on Lock down new round


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President Emmanuel France's Macron told the story in a public address yesterday. New measures he announced Which will take effect from Friday It means that people have to stay indoors Except coming out to buy necessary slotxo products Came out to seek medical help Or spend an hour a day to exercise, people will still be allowed to go to work. If the employer finds it impossible for them to work from home But that's not the same as the previous lockdown

In March, most schools will continue to teach as usual.

The new measure is reminiscent of the eight-week lock-down atmosphere that France has enforced last spring. As rates of hospitalizations and deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic hit their peaks, the report said.


Lockdown affects the epidemic. But the virus resumed after the measures were eased on May 11, when people began to gather again in classrooms, universities, bars and restaurants.

On tuesday France has reported a total of 523 deaths from the coronavirus in the past 24 hours. Which is the highest daily amount since April. Doctors warn that the intensive care unit is at risk of handling it. France's total death toll is more than 35,000, the seventh highest in the world.

At the beginning of the month The president has announced a nighttime curfew in Paris and other major cities, but officials admit that the measure proved inadequate to reduce the infection rate. Which requires a stronger response
As for neighbors like Germany. A month of partial emergency lock-down measures include the closure of restaurants, gyms and theaters in an effort to reduce infection rates. Which risks that the hospital will not be able to cope as well


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the current situation was serious. The recent surge in infected numbers has provided ample political and public support for tough new measures to reduce social contact and halt the epidemic. From 2 November onwards Private gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 people out of 2 households. Restaurants, bars, theaters, cinemas, swimming pools and gyms are closed. The concert will be canceled. Professional sporting events can be held but must not be attended by spectators.

People will be asked not to travel unnecessarily. Or for personal reasons And hotel stays will serve only essential business trips. But schools and daycare centers Will remain open for services like the store. As long as the social and hygienic rules are followed While the rules across this country Will replace regional measures And to make this measure more easily implemented Especially for small companies The government will provide financial assistance to those affected by the new restrictions.

Bavarian Governor Markus Soder said, "the process was more delayed. The whole economy will be worse. "
The number of infected daily in Germany, as revealed on Wednesday, has increased by 14,964.