Important things you should know before thinking about dating someone seriously.


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Today, communication has made it easier for people to talk to each other. Dating apps are everywhere in the city. Makes it easier for young people to date each other But ease comes with a relationship that doesn't last. Because each side has not examined much In spite of the fact that You will decide Get in touch with someone, the period called "dating" is so important that you can see who he or she is. Know the history of your date, what kind of life experiences, family and lifestyle experiences can accompany you or not. And this is what you need to check before you make a decision.

1. Has he or she married?
This is an important matter before seriously agreeing to talk to someone. This is the first important thing you should ask him or her. Honestly in order to be cleared together Because nowadays, people who are married, like to be single, and to talk to others in a way that is hopeful are not limited. But the main thing is up to you. If you get an honest answer that you are married Now, you have to decide whether to finish or go on.

2. How long has he or she been single?
The second important thing you should know after you know exactly how single is the length of time he or she has been single. The more people who recently divorced for less than two years Do not get into a relationship or a serious conversation, as the longstanding relationship between two people makes their hearts unfamiliar with you.

Or someone who is single And broke up with your ex for a period of more than two years, it is still worrisome because that could mean the inner feelings of that person who could not cut ties with the ex. And with such a relationship will make their new love unstable.

3. Does he or she work?

This question is for expat society, especially in the United States. Considered normal for dating couples To ask each other what work you do But the most important question is "Are you working or unemployed?"

This question is very important. For your judgment as to whether to be in a relationship or not, because work means living by yourself and without financial problems. If you're in a relationship and your partner isn't working or losing their job, the relationship won't be as stable. Because your partner will have to depend on you all the time. In case he doesn't have a job

4. Does he or she get along well with the family?
This is important you need to know as well. Because family is the first connection to human life. His behavior or attitude towards the family is very important and I can say that How will he treat you?

Above all, if you talk to him about his family. You will know exactly what he or she will look like. If your date talks about family Under good relationships and family are the people who drive them today. Showed that Your date is someone who has a good emotional background. But if he talks about the family in a way that is far apart Did not feel connected to the family If this is the case, it is quite difficult to reach the true identity of your date.

5. Does your date have children?

If you can answer this question. That means your dating partner can't make you your number one priority. Because their child is number one And if so, building a relationship between you and your date. There may be problems in the future. But if you decide you want to date And already knows the limitations Must accept what will follow as well

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