Know the 10 points that women look at men the most.


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Every man knows what parts of a woman's body we like to look at. What points do they have that are attractive? Whether it's her beautiful face, her chest, her waist, her large hips, underneath her white fur, her long legs, bouncy buttocks, and her over there, that's what makes us want to know, too. Where do we look at? Where do you look at what points they look? We will have to manage it properly. Correct, beautiful, if you want to know today, we have compiled it for you. I want to know, right? Let's go and see.

1. Beard adds charm. A man with a beard is actually a person more attractive than a man with a clean face. This is supported by a study published in the journal Evolution & Human Behavior that most women tend to look at men with dark, mustache. However, you must know how to keep your face clean and clean. Always trim it to the right shape always. To look good and charming

2. Warm hands. Believe it or not, women also care about men's hand traits. There are also different preferences. Some women like the other hand. Of hard working men And a hand that is ready to protect you Some people like big-handed men who look as powerful as athletes. But some people like thin hands. Soft of the young doctors Or businessman Which this hand is not lightly charming

3. A handsome face For this, it is not surprising. Because no matter how young you are, you have to like a man with a handsome face. And this is a point that cannot be overlooked. Because your face is the first thing people see who you are. It's just like men love women with beautiful faces. Therefore, you should keep your skin looking good. Known as a smiling person. Do not frown. Because no girl would like a man with a frown Even if it's handsome, if it doesn't look bright Frustrating She would not be looking for.

4. Bulky Breasts A muscular chest is another point of masculinity that many young ladies must stare at. Because they would want to lie down on the warm man's chest. Somchai man Therefore, you should be fit to have some chest muscles to look good. It doesn't have to be too big to look scary.

5. Powerful forearms In addition to the big breasts that look manly and warm. Powerful forearm To ensure that you can protect her, it is something that women. Not less interested as well That is why most young men have to focus on lifting weights and fitness for their arms. Both the triceps and biceps to be large and strong.

6. Powerful back plate A beautiful muscular back. It invites the girls Imagine the fiery style that a young man can set up for her. During sex Their wild imaginations are confirmed in a 2013 National Academy of Sciences study that revealed that more than 79 percent of girls are more likely to look at the backs of men, especially those behind the V-shape. Makes them go crazy.

7. Wide shoulder coverage One thing that shows masculinity well Is to have a beautiful body A man with broad shoulders, well proportioned, beautiful muscles. Will make him look strong and energetic And a study from the University of Albany found that men with broad shoulders were more attractive to the opposite sex than men with narrow shoulders. And most of the time, they have a very cool style in bed.

8. Sexy buttocks, beautiful buttocks, is another point that is attractive to men. Especially the well-toned and muscular buttocks that make them look, don't tell anyone. It's just like how men look at their bottom.

9. Abdominal muscles in front of men In addition to the beautiful pectoral muscles that are attractive and attractive. The beautiful golden muscles are equally enticing. So young Should exercise the golden muscles to be beautiful, smooth, without fat and have a six pack that will impress I certify that anyone can have it. The girls are sure to be lost.

10. Pao Tung. This point probably doesn't have to describe much. It's like we're seeing her sister in a shimmery, awkward way when it's hidden under her skirt and panties. Who is small or large? It's up to Boon Phawasana to send But if you want it to be attractive, learn to choose good underwear that fits in the shape Put it on and make it look bulging. The girl had seen, would love, would have lost The imagination will surely go a long way.

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