LEGEND SIAM is back to grand opening Pattaya Landmark


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When the world is hit by the Covid-19 crisis, the economy sluggish widely. Including Thailand is not an exception Especially in tourism of the country Has been affected so hard that it is evident in all sectors. Famous tourist attractions of Thailand Not even a shadow of the tourists Or even Thai people as well. LEGEND SIAM, a new LANDMARK attraction of Pattaya. Did not escape being affected by this crisis Time ago Has been temporarily closed down. As had known news in various media

Mr. Witsanu and Ms. Siriya Thepcharoen, the real estate giant under “Nusasiri” group, saw a time that would turn the crisis into an opportunity. With the adjustment of the strategy department And set the structure for LEGEND SIAM in a new way that focuses on Thai tourists But at the same time Is prepared for foreign tourists in the future Starting to improve and add scenery around the area On an area of over 164 rai to be more beautiful and shady Arrange a shop More than 200 restaurants to please the legs to eat Shopping to the fullest. And also create a 100-year floating market and a temple fair full of all elements. To come together in one area

In addition, the main highlight that is nowhere in สล็อตออนไลน์ Pattaya are sacred and deities. Which is worshiped and still has the power to appear to people who have come to worship and pray like Indra holds the Erawan elephant. Phra Brahma on Swan Mrs. Phayanakinee Sripatum Mawisutthevi And Ganesh has been restored to its beauty More refined And not forgetting is Baan Mae Nak, which was voted as one of the top 5 scariest and haunted houses of ASIA, has returned to provide fun, excitement and haunting tourists as before and still has BLACK. MAGIC magic tower, black magic that adds a degree of fun to goosebumps even more.

Moreover This return of LEGEND SIAM has attracted the attention of businessmen, shops, famous investors, joining many forces such as Amazon coffee, Thai restaurant, Isan Thai wood mortar, Thai Lao Kho Soi, Lamduan Fa Ham, the original. Khao Soi from Chiang Mai Teenager's Favorite Shop Mango Mania Shop accessories And souvenirs and souvenirs from the North, the South, the Northeast, can be called the Warorot Market and the Kim Yong Market All gathered here At the same time, it also realized the importance of the local wisdom of the Thai brothers. Who do business in the household sector to export goods and sell merchandise Therefore, the “Thai Help Thai” project was launched by opening up an area within the project for exhibitions. Including demonstration of the process of making arrangements to tourists and interested people In order to preserve the local wisdom From generation to generation, able to carry on in the future, another way too

Come join the experience and meet the excitement with greatness and splendor under the new CONCEPT "Eat, Shop, Travel, One Stop" LEGEND SIAM "FULLY FUN IN 1 DAY", a tourist attraction beyond imagination. That is ready to be Pattaya's new LANDMARK on October 2, 2020.