Men have to check! Tell them about their health



It's not a story to joke about. For living, whether to live or go, depends on the "world", your little brother. Love and cherish with all my heart. Because it's not just a heart pulse signal Overall physical condition Or have to wait to be admitted to the hospital to check to know that you are in good health Is there a disease or not only ...
Viewing the "color" of the head of the penis can also indicate "Disease" before or even now that the body is living

Believe that many People probably won't notice or ignore that point, so since knowing this, take a moment to check and look at it. In case there is anything that can be prevented and corrected promptly

Bright red
It is the most dangerous color as opposed to "pale pink", meaning the state of physical health is still healthy. Because in addition to being a sign that you are at risk of erectile dysfunction due to diabetes, you should be aware that Bundle Ring, a condition that resembles a band Causing the foreskin to form a membrane that cannot be pulled down Here in addition to causing the use of It also causes blood vessels to clog the penis and can spread to the brain, causing paralysis and death.

How to prevent and fix it
In addition to urgently seeing a doctor Should also reduce the amount of starchy foods that will cause blood sugar to exceed the threshold Avoid smoking and alcohol. Eat all 5 food groups (and each group should be varied), reduce salty, sweet foods. Which causes the control of sugar and fat in the blood Choose to eat foods that are moderately fat. Because fat is a high-energy food Warm up Contains essential fatty acids And assist in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins Keep exercising regularly, and keeping clean is equally important for people with diabetes. Because if irritation occurs and accumulates until the inflammation is difficult to heal Risk of various disease factors that follow

Dark purple color
As serious as red, it is a warning sign that Risk of sexual dysfunction Due to the high content of body fat The blood can not be fully nourished, purple color may also indicate an abnormality in the body that we have sexually transmitted infections. Which if there is a symptom of urinary Urine with pus or oozing out Or initial symptoms such as rash, pain, itching, redness Sores or blisters of thick clear water on the genitals or anus Should see a doctor to check the symptoms immediately.

How to prevent and fix it
Avoid or reduce the amount of saturated fat and foods that are high in saturated fat such as coconut milk, shrimp, squid, etc. Should eat cereal foods. Foods high in fiber More fruits and vegetables than meat And should control weight in conjunction with regular exercise In addition, the sexual partner who is not his wife should not be changed. And wear a condom every time you have sex

Pale white
Which means that your blood flow is inconvenient Lack of adequate blood supply to the body Due to the circulatory system is not working fully This condition of inadequate blood supply can lead to a risk causing various diseases such as frequent headaches and body fatigue. Until the risk of anemia Disease, low blood pressure, etc.

How to prevent and fix it
Drink enough water to meet the body's needs. Get at least 30 minutes of regular exercise to keep your heart healthy. Able to pump blood to the body Eat foods that contain iron or take blood tonic to help build it.

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