Meng Wanzhou: the PowerPoint that sparked internationalization



When Meng Wanzhou's flight landed in Vancouver on December 1, 2018, she was expected to make a brief stopover, but nearly two years ago, Huawei's chief financial officer and the daughter of the telecom giant's founder said: It will continue for a long time, making relations between Canada and China extremely tense.The next round of hearings in the lengthy legal battle over extradition to the United States will begin on Monday.Those involved said the entire process could stretch for up to a decade, exposing Canada to escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing, focusing on slotxo one of China's most prominent companies.At the center of the story is a 16-page corporate PowerPoint presentation.Vancouver stops and arrests When her plane from Hong Kong landed, Meng Wanzhou planned to go to her own home in the Canadian city to pack luggage before boarding another flight to Mexico for a corporate meeting.But instead, she was interrogated by Canadian border guards for three hours as her phone was seized and luggage searched.

By the end, she was officially recognized in Canada. At this point, the Canadian Mounted Police had moved in and arrested her due to an extradition request filed by the United States.The United States wants Ms Meng to come to trial for charges, including fraud, linked to alleged violations of US sanctions on Iran, on charges she denies. PowerPoint is the heart of the case.Ms Meng used PowerPoint at a meeting with HSBC on August 22, 2013, and provided significant evidence for her allegations.Reuters news reports in the previous months raised questions about whether trade sanctions against Iran were breached by Hong Kong-based Skycom.The problem is whether Skycom, a vendor of telecommunications equipment, is just a Huawei business partner or at the forefront of hiding its activities in Iran.

The US claimed that at the conference, which was a PowerPoint presentation - Ms Meng, it misled HSBC about Huawei's true relationship with Skycom and, in turn, put the bank at risk of violating sanctions on Iran.Her lawyer said the US misled the court, particularly about PowerPoint, by omitting key information in two slides, showing that HSBC was not kept in the dark about the true nature of the Skycom / Huawei relationship.Meng's lawyers began a legal battle.The extradition trst.ial is ongoing and Meng's attorney has launched a multi-faceted attack on the US extradition reque