New jets promise to restore supersonic travel



People have always wanted to travel fast since the first person to ride across the plains on horseback, ”said Mike Bannister.And he should know Mr. Bannister has flown Concorde on British Airways for 22 years. As senior Concorde captain of the airline, he piloted the last commercial plane over London in October 2003 and later flown. The last flight delivered the Concorde to the Bristol Museum.Nearly two decades later, the world is moving closer again, with passenger jets flying faster than the speed of sound.This month, Boom Supersonic launched the XB-1 supersonic test aircraft, the first civilian supersonic aircraft since the Soviet Union's Tupolev TU-144 in 1968. The slender, pointed machine will allow Boom to attest to an aspect of the proposed Overture design, a more elegant delta wing project that reflects the Concorde. Overture is intended to carry between 65 and 88 passengers on a lanes to save the supersonic boom human population caused by Mach 2.2 speeds.

The Nasa has a more bizarre test aircraft in its wing, the ยิงปลา X-59, this will fly in 2022, chasing the award of a sustainable supersonic flight on land. That means figuring out how to eliminate or at least reduce the supersonic boom.Then there's Aerion, which claims the AS2 design will offer civilian supersonic flights by the end of the decade. But with only 8-10 passengers, the AS2 is aimed at an entirely new market for supersonic business travel.Mr Bannister said it is important to understand that these jets are not competitors. But they are new entrants to a completely different commercial aviation sector.With the AS2 Aerion hoping to fly land at Mach 1.4, resulting in hypersonic speeds, Boom wants to cross the ocean at Mach 2.2 and in my opinion that's a stronger market," he said.One of the engineering problems these planes have to overcome is their high speed entering the air.

Supersonic air intake poses a problem for all aircraft engines. The intake is designed to break down the airflow and slow it down to the speed the engine can handle.It is a highly sensitive area that created a rift between England and France at the time of Concorde's retirement. Air France retires its fleet But British Airways is keen on getting planes to fly.One of the reasons why Airbus, which is considered to rule over Concorde design, did not give us the full design power to make the aircraft fly is because the design of the intake manifold remains a secret," said Bannister. say The aerospace industry is in severe slump now caused by the epidemic of COVID-19, airlines have slowed or canceled orders in response to a drop in passenger numbers.

So will there be a need for supersonic jets?

The big question is, how will aviation spill over postcovidism? There is a theory that business travel will never return to its original level. But for the very wealthy, status matters, ”said Bannister.He thinks the reputation of supersonic flying can steal these passengers away from sub-sound business jets.Aerion's AS2 is built in Florida near Cape Canaveral, which locals call the Space Coast.The company is betting that the three business jets, which will shoot a handful of people around the world at 1,000 mph, are just business people. Waiting It aims to have jet planes fly by 2027.