"Nova Wax" trials of a late-stage COVID vaccine in England.


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Novavax, a major US vaccine company. A trial of the novel coronavirus vaccine is initiated. The last term in England By working with the government's vaccine working group

Novavax conducted a trial to study the efficacy of the vaccine on 10,000 test subjects 18-84 years of age after the vaccine was selected in the first phase of clinical trials. High enough antibodies to fight COVID-19

The vaccine trials will be based on those at risk of COVID-19 infection. The most first And the company expects it to take four to six weeks to get data from trials to apply for vaccine approval in the UK, EU and other countries. Previously The company expects to apply for approval in the United States in December.

Novavax is expected to produce 2 billion doses of the vaccine per year when the vaccine becomes effective in mid-2021.

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