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Hello, all 168slotxo members, today we will introduce online slots games, it is more rich. For those who are interested in playing our slots game First, you need to download the SLOTXO game. Our system can support both ios and android when you install it. Register with us at 168slotxo, you can join in the fun immediately. Deposit-withdraw can be made 24 hours a day.

How to play online slots, fun games

How to play online slots, fun games, first go into the 168slotxo website and choose a slot game at all. The game will give us a minimum deposit of 50 baht, you can click to deposit. Next, select the room you want to play. It depends on which room you are comfortable. After entering, you will see various windows. We will explain. About this window

- Coins are money that is used to bet per line.
- A bet is a bet on the whole game. Add all the rows and multiply them.
- Line or way is the row that we choose to bet, for example, we can choose at least 1 row, the maximum of 30 or 50 lines depending on the game, but some slot games can not choose. Some games will be official, there will be 243 720 1024, depending on the slotxo game, the bet price will be fixed as well.
- All bets is to display all bets. Tell us how much we bet, how to calculate the coin * bet the row * line Equal to all the bets we play, for example 1 * 30 * 5 = 150.
-Winning is telling the amount of money we have how much money
- The balance is the amount that we have.
- Spin is a button to press to spin the slot.
- Auto button is to automatically spin
- The maximum bet is the game will choose the highest bet for us.

The rules of the game are not very important, the main thing is how to win the game. Or award table How do I play to win a prize? Each slot is different. You have to go and look at each other's symbols, how much money you win.

- Wild symbol Instead of slots and multiply the amount
- Scatter symbol If we can rotate according to the conditions This will give you free spins and access to the game features and earn more money. According to the conditions of each slot room

More online slots are wealth

More online slotxo are wealth Jackpot is really easy. Because we play with other people online In the same room as us Make them help us play So how did he help us? The bonus game mechanics will start out from There were more than 10 spins, so someone helped us spin. The chances of getting even more To the point that we are quite profitable all day Or someone can go in and spin from the first round He called it a beginner can be rich. Another thing we should stay in the game for up to 30 minutes because it will increase the chances for us rather than playing 10-15 minutes and spin only a few times, unaware rich jackpot. Will continue to increase Until someone hit the jackpot And start at a new center waiting for the right people again