Pros-cons, marriage certificate



How necessary is the marriage certificate or is it just a piece of paper? Many couples choose to stay together. Without registering the marriage So which one is better? Between the marriage registration and not registered

The advantages of marriage registration

In the case of inheritance, the spouse is considered a statutory heir who has the right to inheritance under Section 1635, receiving a share of the inheritance at all levels of inheritance. But if the marriage is not registered The spouse has no rights to the property of the other party. But the children of the spouse who are not married are entitled to inheritance.
Property takes place after the marriage It is considered the property of the husband and wife, so the property created together throughout the marriage will belong to both.
If not registered The assets that were made available to them would be considered joint assets. slotxo Each party will have equal ownership in the said property.

Marriage registration will make it a legitimate husband and wife. If one of the parties to register the marriage with another Considered a double marriage registration And will be void And the other party can also sue for damages from the adulterous party
Identifying the spouse as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy can be done. Although the law does not state that it prohibits a person with no interests as a beneficiary. But generally, life insurance companies will not accept insurance if the beneficiary has no stake.
In the case of marriage, if there is a child, it will be considered as the legal child of both parties. The husband is able to use the right to reduce the child 30,000 baht per person according to the law and can also reduce the tax if the spouse has no money as well.
Marriage registration If any party is killed by others The other party can claim damages from the person who caused the other party's death.
Social Security If death and the beneficiary is not identified Social Security will pay an equal amount to the spouse, parent, or child of the insured person in the following benefits: 40,000 baht funeral expenses and additional allowances according to the rules: If submitting Social Security from 3 -10 years, you will receive 2 times the average salary of the last 12 months, if submitted over 10 years will be 6 times the last 12 months average salary and old age compensation benefits.

You will see that there are many advantages. Oh! What about the disadvantages? I did not see it. So let's look at the disadvantages.

Drawbacks of a marriage registration

Asset management is difficult because it is a Sin Somros. Therefore, how to manage assets such as buying, selling, letting, or forgiving debts, etc., requires the consent of the other party.
The fruit of our personal assets Including our salary, our bonus after marriage is considered a property. So someone has come to share our money.
If it is a debt that has come before the marriage registration It is still a personal debt of none of it. Whoever pays a debt, he is responsible for himself. But if personal property is not enough to pay the debt Creditors will then be able to seize the Sin Somros. However Seize not more than half of the Sin Somros
If in debt after the marriage registration The law to settle the debt from the Sin Somros and the property of both parties, that is, in the enforcement of debt Creditors shall have the right to sue the husband and wife in order to enforce the Sin Somros and the Sin Suan Tua of both parties. Even if the other spouse has not signed as a party or not.

Therefore, the family life Must be careful about incurring debt If the other party incurs a debt It may have an impact on the spouse and the peace of the family.