Recognized "Acromegali" from tumors that may be found in the pituitary gland.


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The study found that Of the 1 million people, 8 people will be diagnosed with acromegali.

What is acromegaly?

Assoc.Prof. Rachaneewan Khancharoen, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Vajira Hospital Navamindradhiraj University provides information that acromegali As a syndrome Caused by an abnormally high level of growth hormone in the blood By the cause of the disease Often caused by tumors, 90 percent of which occur in the area. "Pituitary"

Symptoms of acromegaly

Observable symptoms Which is caused by a condition with an excess of hormones is

Hands and feet are larger than normal, causing the need to change ring size and shoe size.

Changed face, big nose, thicker lips. Rough face skin, oily face, scalp may have a wavy appearance.

Internal organs are also growing, for example there may be an enlarged heart High blood pressure Have diabetes that is difficult to control

Or may cause an increase in certain cancers than the normal population, such as colon cancer.

Another part Which is a symptom caused by a tumor to press Squeeze nearby organs Is most tumors This usually occurs in the pituitary gland and presses on important organs nearby, such as the optic nerve, the nerve that controls the movement of the eyeball. Therefore, some patients may have symptoms.

Abnormal vision, narrowing of the visual field

Unusual eye filling

Blurred vision


Symptoms can be divided into two parts: the symptoms of the disease which is caused by the presence of hormones And another part It will be a symptom caused by tumors pressing and squeezing nearby organs.

Acromegali treatment

Current treatment Has a goal to control Hormone levels in the blood As เกมยิงปลา close to normal as possible

Surgery is the standard treatment in order to remove as much of the tumor as possible.

Radiation and dosing are the next steps. To help reduce the level of hormones in the blood and help reduce the size of the tumor.

Acromegali Is included in the disease that can exercise the right to basic treatment Which is the right to universal health insurance Therefore, if there is a suspicion and you think we will have this disease Recommended to see a doctor according to the right to treat if we leave it. Will make the treatment more difficult And does not work as well as should The disease will recur. Causing complications with disabilities that occur

The importance of this disease is Detect it as soon as possible. And heal as soon as possible In order to make the patient's hormone levels close to the normal ones. Therefore, various complications will also be reduced.