Reduce the risk of "breast cancer" with "vacuum biopsy puncture detector"


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From the past statistical data found that Number of patients with breast cancer There are increasing numbers around the world and in Thailand. Breast cancer can be cured if detected and treated from scratch. Bangkok Cancer Hospital Breast Center Cancer screening From the initial stage where there are no symptoms To increase treatment options and opportunities When a lump is detected Or limestone in question By using a piercing machine to suck the meat by vacuum (Vacuum Assisted Biopsy).

Vacuum biopsy machine is suitable for patients who have plaque problems in the breast.
Dr. Satit Sri Manthayamas, Breast Cancer Surgery, MD. Bangkok Cancer Hospital Wattanosoth said breast cancer is caused by an abnormal division of cells within the mammary gland or milk ducts. It is important to discover breast cancer early when the lump is small and has not spread. Because it will increase the chances of getting the disease fully cured

Vacuum biopsy machine is suitable for patients with suspected limestone problems, that is, it is a characteristic of the limestone group in the breast Look like a small dot They come together as a group. Basically, there are two groups of limestone, ordinary limestone and limestone suspected of becoming cancerous. Normal limestone can be caused by many reasons such as breastfeeding. Or caused by inflammation From a concussion accident Or it could be caused by a lump or cyst that has atrophy and has calcium binding. Which characteristic of ordinary limestone The doctor may make appointments to joker123 the patient to monitor the appearance of tartar from time to time. While the suspected limestone can be caused by tumors or cancer, causing necrosis and calcification. Or an unusual lump In this manner, the doctor will recommend piercing for further analysis.

Vacuum Assisted Biopsy, a new innovation that helps reduce the risk of breast cancer.
A mammogram and ultrasound are standard tests to check for breast abnormalities. When detecting lumps or limestone The doctor will take a biopsy around the breast for diagnosis. Using ultrasound to determine direction and position And check that the lump can be completely sucked out