Singles please be careful hand overgrown sleep alone without money



The life of a single person has only the words “freedom” and “time” while those with families There is only the word that there is no time and personal financial freedom is gone. because they have to prepare to save money for childbirth, to give children to school, to buy a bigger house take the family on a trip and other things to spend money pg slot

as for single people who are fully financially independent I earn my own money for my own use. But don't forget to keep it for yourself. Don't overdo it, so singles should calculate how much money they need to spend at the end of their lives and plan while they still have the energy to live a strong single life. So, what kind of wealth should each single person have to save or make a financial plan for?

Mutual funds / provident funds for single people who need caregivers
Lonely, lonely, lacking a caregiver It is recommended to plan to invest in mutual funds regularly so that money will grow by itself with discipline. Cut money into the fund regularly each month or if you are a full-time employee, there will be a fund called "Provident Fund", we can choose to cut savings into the fund up to 15 percent, along with contributions from employers. It is considered a good retirement savings for single people.

The attractiveness of mutual funds is having an expert fund manager overseeing their investments on our behalf, who will have the expertise in investing, insights, analytics tools and a superior investment monitoring team. We decide to invest Single like this, there are people who take care of the financial benefits as well.

Trade stocks for dividends with single people who like to take risks.
If a single person likes to take risks and challenges. I'm rarely single, I have a lot of people to learn, but I don't want to be serious. This behavior seems to be saving money for more risky stocks. Requires more reading and self-determination. There are a variety of stocks that offer higher annual dividends than deposit interest, and the daily market prices do not fluctuate much. For example, stocks in which the business has a monopoly on the market, or shares in a company that does business that the whole country needs, etc.

Opening a portfolio to play long-term dividend stocks is another way of generating income for single people who like challenges but want a certain level of stability.

Real estate and workaholic singles don't like to stay idle.
Singles tend to have more time to devote to their jobs than those with families. Makes it possible to earn more than should invest in large assets such as real estate, land or condos for rent to keep for extra income or if in the old days, we can make money from the assets that we have without having to worry. And singles have more time to manage individual properties or care for the needs of tenants than family members. who have to allocate time to take care of children, husband or wife rather than take care of tenants

Plan for insurance for single people who don't like risks.
Most single people think that life insurance is about leaving a legacy behind. I'm single... so who are you going to do it for? In fact, life insurance can help single people with money to spend while they're still alive. Therefore, having life insurance for singles is necessary, but should choose a life insurance plan that provides benefits for taking care of yourself when you are sick, such as health insurance or critical illness insurance. get long protection or pension insurance, etc.