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With everything moving so quickly in public relations, we now find new trends emerging on an almost monthly basis. It's true, traditional staples such as press releases or paid advertising will always exist but the path to effective public relations continues to twist and turn in every direction.

But what does this mean exactly?

It means that public relations continue to evolve and many companies will fall behind due to lack of understanding or awareness. More specifically, this also points out the inadequacy of outdated PR strategies and campaigns that fail to recognize the importance of creativity, trust and authenticity.

Recent studies show that more than 50 billion connected devices will exist for a world population of just 7.5 billion. Increased connectivity means more data and this essentially means that people are far more informed than ever before. For this reason, the PR industry has needed to adopt new technology and data in order to track and use information to see what actually works.

It can be hard to get the media's attention and it is even harder of media outlets because they need to filter all the information that they are getting sent because they want to publish only the best, more interesting news. That is the reason why platforms like Pressfarm, a PR agency for startups and journalist database, exist so that it makes it easier to find media outlets through their databases.

While the following is not a definitive list of emerging trends in public relations, it's important to note how the old way of doing things is no longer effective. That is to say, there is a right and wrong way that you should know about in terms of launching or growing your business. Now, let's take a look at emerging trends in public relations for 2020 that you should know about: In recent times, high costs have prevented many small and medium-sized businesses from adopting PR related technology. However, as more and more time passes, we can see the lackluster agencies disappear and better pricing come into effect.