The Wedding Menu Trends for 2021, According to Experts


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The Wedding Menu Trends for 2021, According to Experts

So many things changed in 2020, and we definitely saw adjustments in wedding menus for those who still tied the knot this year. Years prior, the traditional seated dinner had been thrown out the window for many, and couples were opting for unique food options to enhance their guest’s experience. Everything from elaborate charcuterie spreads to raw bars were showing up at receptions, but especially with the onset of COVID-19, those setups definitely changed.

So, what’s to come for 2021? With weddings looking a bit different, especially for those planning earlier in the year, it may be hard to predict what’s on-trend. But we’ve got you covered. We asked industry experts what they think will be some of the biggest trends for feeding your guests in 2021. Read on for some of the top predictions to work into your wedding menu this year.

Self-Contained Appetizers

Cocktail hours are still doable, especially if they’re outdoors. However, the method of service for a typical cocktail reception is definitely being reimagined. “Pre-pandemic, we were well known for our big, beautiful charcuterie displays, which we miss," says Tanya Gurrieri, owner of Salthouse Catering. "But one item that came from this shift in styles of service is our server passed charcuterie 'cone.'” Additional concepts that caterers have been working on include developing individual boxes or boards of charcuterie, serving menu items that are designed to be kept at room temperature, and appetizer options served on skewers.

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