Tips for how to survive working at home with your spouse.


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Working people all over the country have to divide the new work area. For new colleagues Or their partner itself

Working at home with your partner slotxo can be fun for a few days. Had lunch together Have dinner together faster because you don't have to go through traffic. But after a while it can become uncomfortable.

Anthony Chambers, a partner and family psychologist And the chief academic officer of the Northwestern University Family Institute said the main task of marriage is to try to cope with each other's differences.

Now, couples or partners who have to be together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will see the difference every day. More clearly Because of the time that is 8-12 hours apart per day, it will help them overlook those problems.

Here are 7 tips for how to survive such a problem.

1. Accept the change. Which may not be easy Because in the past we have only heard the saying that work and personal matters should not be mixed together. But now I have to accept the change. And the problems that must be faced Being together all the time can cause relationships to conflict (Anthony Chambers)

2. Plan for the day Now is the time to communicate more often. So it should only take a few minutes every time. In the morning to talk to each other what we did yesterday How good or bad? And plan what you should be doing today. (Melanie Katzman, Business Psychologist)

3. Avoid working in the bedroom. If possible, separate work should be done in different locations. And avoid using the bedroom as an office The bedroom should be a place to talk to, to sleep, or just for romantic times. (Kathy Marshack, Oregon psychologist)

4. Set a 'Do Not Disturb' location, there is nothing worse than being distracted during work. Or at the time of rushing work to complete the schedule Therefore, the work area should be pinned. Or the time of day that you don't want to be disturbed But at the same time, there has to be a way to show that it's ready to be stirred up. For example, sitting at the dining table It could mean replying to an email. Or do light work Which can be paused But if the office door is closed It means not wanting to be disturbed

5. Not treating your spouse as a colleague Even though thinking about brainstorming with colleagues Or consultation Or talk to coworkers about the awkwardness of a recent conference call. But it shouldn't be done with your spouse. Because now they both have to help each other with housework And help each other to raise children already Therefore, should not increase the burden on each other. But better contact with a colleague (Melanie Katzman)

6. There should be a code on speech. In this situation There will always be good days and bad days. If you feel so stressed that you want to explode There should be a code that signals you need a break. (Melanie Katzman)

7. Find a scapegoat by imagining a person's name in order to avoid direct blame for their spouse. But instead blames the goat. Which will help break the tension And it helps to bring about laughter. (Melanie Katzman)