Tips to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) simply by adjusting your lifestyle.


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With the life habits of today's people completely changed, regardless of factors such as staying up late, resting less, eating fast food. Eat spicy food Eating foods high in fat Grilling too often Physical inactivity, smoking, drinking alcohol on a regular basis, stress, etc., although we are well known that this behavior is harmful to the body. Especially causing NCDs to occur

Under the way of life from the consumerism society (Consumerism) globalization. (Globalization) and urbanization. super slot Urbanization makes economic, social and health-risk conditions affecting illnesses, lifestyles and consumer values. This allows consumers to choose comfort, modernity and an image of taste rather than value health.

What are NCDs?

NCDs (non-communicable diseases) or chronic non-communicable diseases Which these diseases are diseases that are not communicated between people. Cannot spread from person to person But these diseases arise from individual habits and lifestyle behaviors. Simply put, these diseases in NCDs are created by us. And brought himself to be ill

The nature of the disease will occur slowly, gradually accumulating symptoms. After a long day, it will cause disease without knowing Some patients do not even realize they are sick. Even if there is no annual health check and what it is Before realizing it, it may be difficult to treat or incurable, so this NCDs are classified as chronic diseases.

However, the fear of this chronic NCDs. It comes from the fact that we neglect healthy behaviors. Therefore, when having an illness of a particular disease It can lead to various diseases as well. Until becoming a person with a debilitating disease