Wear VS Do not wear "bras - underwear" does sleep affect the "breasts" or not?


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If you have "breasts", do you wear bras or underwear when you sleep?

Many people choose to wear bras to sleep. For fear that if not worn may cause the breasts to be crafted Or sagging But many people choose to take off. Because sleeping is uncomfortable, uncomfortable, and fearful of breast cancer risk as well. Should we wear bras to sleep?

Wear VS Do not wear "bras - underwear" does sleep affect the "breasts" or not?

Dr. Komol Preecha Santhongkit, MD, Head of Breast Care Center Phyathai 2 Hospital stated that wearing or without bras It does not have any good or bad effect on the breasts. Whether it is breasts sagging, or increasing the risk of various diseases Related to the chest

Bra with underwire VS without bra, is there a risk of breast cancer?

The metal in the frame of the bra Is responsible for helping to support the shape of the breasts to get a beautiful shape Is not affiliated in any way Against breast cancer And choosing to wear bras with frames for fear that the breasts will sag Or sagging, in fact, is not เล่นเกม ได้เงิน related as well A bra with a metal frame that helps support the bust for a beautiful figure. For more beauty

However, if choosing to wear a bra to sleep Should choose a bra that is appropriate for the size of the breast. Comfortable to wear, not too tight. So that you can sleep comfortably You should also choose good quality bras. Standard production Because of the fabric, elastic, hooks, straps that are not standardized Or using poor quality items It can be harmful to the skin. And if choosing a bra with a metal frame The more you have to choose carefully that the sewing is neat and secure. And is it produced from a trusted manufacturer or not? Because the metal may stick to the skin while wearing it over a long time as well.