What are the causes of "bruises-blood bruises" and how dangerous they are?


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Have you ever noticed on your own body, or whether it suddenly bruises and bruises appear red, some green, or dark purple? Sometimes it hurts Sometimes it doesn't feel anything. And sometimes I don't even know what bumps it had. Tonkit360 has an answer as to where this bruise came from… Is it dangerous?

A bruise is a skin injury. Caused by a large number of capillaries. Until the blood accumulates under the skin in 1-2 hours will gradually Decay and then come together in one area Resulting in the skin in that area turning into bruises, bruises, dark color The blood is absorbed and healed within 1-2 weeks. Bruises can occur normally and are quite common in people of all sexes and ages. However, bruises are both harmless and self-healing. And the way you should see a doctor

What is a capillary?

First of all, we need to know the capillaries. This is because the bruise is primarily from the capillaries. Capillaries are very small blood vessels that branch from the aorta. Therefore can be linked to various parts All over the body Capillary function is to exchange oxygen with carbon oxide. Including nutrients and wastes Between the blood and the tissues or organ cells in the body ambbet

However, the capillaries have a very thin wall. It is a good way to exchange gas and nutrients, but because it is so thin. Thus causing the capillaries to break very easily That is why sometimes we hit the table lightly. I didn't feel hurt when I hit it. But could have bruised

Causes of bruising

Most of the time, if an organ in our body hits something Bruises can happen normally, which is understandable. But for some people who have not bumped into anything Or the organ is in the part that will not be able to strike anything and cause a bruise. But what did the bruises come from?