What is social phobia? What kind of symptoms do you qualify for?



What is social phobia?

Social phobia is an anxiety disorder that you will accidentally do things, get ruffled, or make shameful mistakes. Fear of being criticized by those around him Which looks like a normal person's excitement with something But for people with social phobia, they are very nervous and are unable to force themselves to avoid social phobia.

Causes of social phobia
Psychologists say The cause of social phobia has to do with the upbringing of the family. But it could not prove exactly the cause. Because in some cases the disease affects only one family member, others have no symptoms at all. This could be explained in biology as In addition to raising the family Perhaps the cause of the disease is related to the brain's system, genetics, the processing of its own actions and the responses of other people. Including the seducing behavior since childhood

Who can social phobia affect?
According to statistics, Social fear can affect people of all ages. Whether female Or males are equally likely to have this disease, but it is worth noting that Symptoms become more pronounced during childhood. Until adolescence This may be because this age is the time that the need to socialize more. There is also a trend that Most people with social phobia have a lack of self-confidence as the original capital. And thought that he had a shameful inferiority complex Which is an idea that subconsciously lowers oneself Until the end of social cowardice

Social phobia with children
A shy child is typical of his age. But for children who qualify for social phobia, they are different. These children will not even dare to play with other children. Embarrassed to the point of being afraid to talk to an adult Not looking into anyone's eyes while speaking And often refuses to go to school

Social phobia with adults
Usually, adults with social phobia Often have symptoms that persist from childhood Or as a teenager Without receiving treatment to recover from fear of socializing

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