What is the cause of "abscess"? Why is it forbidden to "squeeze" yourself?


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Has anyone ever had a "abscess"? Those who raise their hands may well understand the experience of suffering from an abscess. The blisters press and hurt like acne, but not acne, and more importantly, if pus comes up, the pain is even harder to get rid of. And try to squeeze the pus by yourself But in fact, if you have an abscess Should see a doctor for the best treatment. Because the treatment itself is not correct, the risk of inflammation is a large wound and the condition is more difficult to treat

Why do we have a "abscess"?

An abscess is caused by bacteria. When the body is dirty, weak and has slotxo low immunity Making the body more susceptible to bacterial infections In addition, diabetic patients with high blood sugar levels. Is at a higher risk of getting an abscess than normal people The abscess often occurs in areas that are prone to bacteria, such as in damp areas.

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How to treat "abscess" to be safe?

Usually the abscess can break itself. Symptoms will be mitigated. If someone has an abscess Should take care of it correctly as follows

1. Compress the abscess with a cloth moistened with warm water for 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Compress the abscess with warm water. This will make the blood vessels in the area of the abscess better circulate. The abscess will break itself more easily.

2. Always wash your hands thoroughly If your unclean hand comes into contact with the abscess May cause an abscess to infect more easily And it may also spread bacteria to others.

3. Do not squeeze, force, or pierce the unripe abscess. (No pus) because germs may spread to nearby areas.

4. The abscess should get better in 2 weeks if it doesn't improve. Unusually large Or accidentally squeezed the abscess by yourself Should see a doctor for cleaning. And correct the abscess To prevent infection And repetition