Why should we book a "morning flight"? Because flying early is much better!


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Thailand has a long holiday consecutively for several days in almost every month. Which time of the holidays is a very special time for everyone And many people use it in their travels. But many people have to come for the fun when the walk begins. Stumbled from the airport because of the flight delay Or the airport is crowded with people who make travel arrangements at the same time as you.

When this happens, come to avoid it. Limits that will make you better off the fun of the trip. This advice is from the website. FiveThirtyEight Which will collect information of the airline To make air travel the best choice

Low delay statistics

The advice from the website states that Travel in the morning flight Is the best choice And is a flight that has a delay statistic Less than an afternoon flight and a late night flight, so if you don't want to experience plane delays or delays. Please choose a flight before eight in the morning. And avoid picking a flight that leaves at six o'clock Which is during which statistics are recorded that Most airlines delay

The air traffic is not crowded.

In addition to the flight delay is less then The earliest flights will also save you from heavy air traffic. Because if you encounter an afternoon or evening flight with congestion of air traffic It takes a long time for the plane to go up or down.

You don't have to face a lot of people in the airport.

If you don't like being in crowded places Morning flight is your solution. Because it was a xo slot time when the airport had few passengers People are not very crowded The times when people are at the airport are the most crowded, from noon to 10pm. Some places will be from eleven o'clock to three o'clock.

The morning flight ticket price is cheaper than every other flight.

And the last thing is the best thing about choosing a morning flight. Is the price of a plane ticket At the airline there is always a special price for the morning file. Cheaper than flights that fly during the day. Is equivalent to just waking up earlier But you will save a lot of money in your pocket ever.

All of this is the advantage of choosing the morning flight of the day of your trip. Even if you have to wake up earlier But believe that Better value for sleeping on the plane. To avoid the chaos of the airport during the late to evening hours.